Tuesday, January 24

Leafy Greens and Living Things

This shouldn't be too long. I don't think I have much of a ramble in me after such a long day. Maybe it's because it's January, maybe it's because I'm not in school, maybe it's because I miss important people in my life, I don't know, but lately I've felt like I'm just wandering around. I know that I have to do something important, but outside of being my kids Mom and being in a loving supportive relationship with my husband, I just don't know exactly what. Today though, even though I came home to tired kids and a tired husband, I feel rejuvinated. So in a general desire to write more, here I am; writing because I feel inspired.

I spent the day (yes, the whole darn day) with a bunch of people from all over the state and country who have one thing in common with me.  We all like leafy green living things.  There were presentations about trends in the industry, step by step instruction on techniques, lectures on the ideals of using certain plants over others, and lots and lots of pictures of plants with long Latin names. And even though I got really sleepy at one point in the afternoon, it was heavenly. Not because every moment was bliss, but because I felt little glimpses throughout the day of myself and what I want.

I think I've spent the last five years lamenting over wanting something that is outside of my reach. Thinking and dreaming about the day I would go back to it, feel it in my fingers and smell it. And I've spent the last year figuring out that I might want something else too. Today was a turning point for me because I finally realized that I really really want it. I saw myself where I want to be and I liked it. I want it so bad that I'm willing to put myself in very uncomfortable situations and do really really hard mental and emotional things in order to get there. And what's more, I like the people who are there doing it.

Not too bad for a days work, eh?
Good Night.

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