Sunday, August 23

This and That

So I've had a couple babies since last time I posted... So What...Who knows, maybe I'll post some day about all that. For now I have a stressed out husband and for rest and relaxation we've begun a nightly Lost marathon. I do enjoy sitting next to my hot husband, but I can do that while simultaneously giving myself some writing therapy. Perfect scenario.

Every once in a while I get the urge to shout out to the netwaves about my kids and what we've been doing. Lately, with so many kids starting school, it's fun to think about starting school with my kids. I feel like I am all together with it and excited to be doing all that I am doing with my kids like never before. I'm happy to not be working and not in school right now. I appreciate and enjoy the work and joy envolved in being a Mother and keeping them at home with me more than ever. At least I have more enthusiasm, energy, and confidence now than in my previous 8 years as a Mother. There's something about the number 4. It helps to have been blessed with a ridiculously well tempermented baby for that # 4. He sleeps and smiles easily. I guess knowing that the well being and future of 4 people depending on me gives me more motivation than that of 3, 2, or 1.

So keeping in time with other school firsts, let's just pretend that today was the first day of school for our family. Even though it's Saturday and my kids had no idea that there was anything important going on, other than an outerworldly fun day at the zoo. Even so, this isn't about what fun we had today, but rather the inspirations and ideas that came from the day, around the day and through it. The first thing we did after breakfast was drive out to Magna and buy a used stroller. Because yesterday we went to the Library to get new library cards for the older kids. It was exhausting, physically and mentally. With one kid in a breaking apart stroller, an infant in a wrap on my chest and two older children wandering and waiting impatiently in the library. Trying to keep everyone relatively quiet and get the task at hand done was a little more than I could handle. But even so the only thing that was partially scathed was the carpet with cookie crumbs from an almost 2 year old. And I realize now that I've been slightly dilusional for the last few months thinking that I could get by and have fun with all of them without a double stroller. And so now that we have a minivan, 4 kids, a double stroller, I think I can accept that school and work are on the back burner for the time being and plan on having some real fun. So we went to the zoo today and the kids practically swam with seals and learned the difference between real dinosaurs and mechanical dinosaurs. And we call that school.

The idea is lot's of walks on the Jordan River Parkway to collect insects and ride scooters with me pushing the two littles and being a little healthier. I Love to walk in beautiful places.

When we came home from the zoo we put some pizza in the oven and watched a movie about a very fast snail who wins the Indi 500. We had icecream with a bedtime story and Nahuel wanted his icecream saved for tomorrow. Instead of icecream, Nahuel was suddenly glowing with a brilliant idea that he had. We could have snail races! They all remembered a friends house where we could get alot of snails. I realized that I know how we could make that happen. And suddenly Nahuel's first school project is born meshing two of his favorite things: Bugs and Race Tracks. Then as Nahuel does, he had an innocently brilliant thought, closed his eyes and was out like a light.

These are the things that make me light up lately. Maybe, if the Lost streak holds, I'll post about what we actually end up doing for fun and learning around here. May the force be with you.