Monday, March 21

Life: People. Places. Sounds. Words. Time.

  As we come across and over and through everything that life is, we all search, actively or passively, for what makes it worth it. Sometimes in our finding, we lose a little too. Lose a little of ourselves, lose a little of the ones we love.  Maybe it's a big chunk that breaks off and leaves the exposed flesh raw and burning. Or maybe we shake it off, scrub it off, say good riddance and walk away with no second thoughts. But I think more often, the pieces that we lose don't come down in a big splash, like a rock falling off a cliffside into a river. They fall away from us in the wind and in the rain. Not uncommon, and not altogether unpleasant.

Today I am reminded that the search is ongoing and though we do leave some pieces behind, very few things are ever lost. Today my life is a little brighter and the colours don't run so much, because I found one of my missing pieces. I found a friend that I had not forgotten, but had forgotten that I had. Just looking at a face and thinking of the sound of a voice reminds me that there are others like me. And when you're me, probably when you're you; it's easy to think that you're the only one.

Wednesday, March 2

This is a story about a boy and a girl.  One of them little and the other one littler. Both with quirky smiles, that come out once in a while. Usually I am the quiet giddy observer to the silent thoughts that creep across these soft round faces. Hardly ever on camera and even less with a clean face. Those things are overrated for a kid made to play. This is the famous head tilt, left eye lilt that makes me blush everyday.

This is Ada. She recently left the age of two but she hasn't gotten over the terribles yet. However, she is really wonderful at some things, like kisses on owies; she always remembers just where he gave them to you. Shes also marvelous at yelling 'wahooooo!!!' and shaking up a storm whenever there's a good beat. She's cool enough for cats (they're her favorite). Over the hill, over the edge...over anything, and under it too. Shes a mean green potty trained machine and she happens to have just had a Birthday Party.

Here she is, in her fancy white party dress. Everybody whose anybody who knows Ada knows there aint no party without opening presents. She's not so concerned with what's inside, just make sure the wrapping's something to touch, squish, throw over your head and wave around.

And of course, what would a party be without a birthday cake?