Monday, February 11

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

I've been waiting to create this post for a good long while now. I've been waiting until I needed a healthy does of self humiliation. Intentional or not.. And until I needed a good hard laugh so much that I was willing to 'put it all out there', in order to get it.

My name is Andrea and I don't wear make up. However once upon a time I paid a small Chinese fortune to have someone plaster me in it so that I could do this one thing that I knew I would never ever again do. And guess what? I found out that there is a reason I have never done it nor will I ever do it again.

And if I get famous on the internet for having the biggest epic fail glamour shots of the century, I hope the little shop in Chanji, China, Xingjiang Province makes lots of money on it so they can buy dresses for lots of big girls out there who just really need an ego boost...or a good laugh.

This is one of those awkward moments where it's perfectly acceptable to laugh at your friends foolishness. And if you can't laugh, well, just laugh, because people, this is damn funny. .. .