Tuesday, February 28

Easiest Post Ever.

You know those list people? The ones who write lists about what they're going to do and then share them. Well I'm sitting at my computer and I don't have my notebook handy, so today's the day that I become a list person.

I put the kids in bed, sit down for a minute and suddenly it's 9:30 and I'm totally pooped. There were so many things I was suppose to do today. And now that I have no more energy to do any of them I can remember all of them.  And here's the list:

Finish putting the green house together
Start your seeds before you're so late for the party that there's not even any more cake.
Make invitations for Ada's Birthday Gala with Ada
Fold laundry (obvious)
Post Picture on Ada's Birthday Gala Event Page
Fix the small but growing pile of clothes that have rips or need new buttons etc.
Wash my walls so that I can paint over the kidly's drawings.
Take the ginormous load of stuff in the back of my car to the DI
Clean my house so it's spic and span and I don't have to worry about it so much come Saturday
Deliver Birthday Gala Invitations with Ada
Move the shelves over into the closet and organize the shoes
Make souvenirs for Ada's Birthday Gala
Look up recipe for super awesome Barefoot Contessa's pastries for Ada's Birthday Gala
Clean the car
Take pictures of the car
Make a KSL and Craigslist Ad for the car
Look for a new dresser on KSL
Get ahold of Ron and ask him some refinancing questions.
Continue Secret Special Something for someone who may or may not read this...and may or may not be my husband. 

Yeah, I could go on, but I won't because just thinking about it is making me more tired. And being , well, ME there's no way I'm going to get that much done. Who am I kidding I have two small children who are obsessed with doing everything with me and destroying everything else at the same time. But now you have somewhat more proof that I am not a Super Hero Woman and do not llive a glamorous Hollywood Lifestyle. But I'm me and I'm, well, Happy.


lizroxy said...

If you want to put the greenhouse off till Saturday we can do a combination birthday party/ greenhouse (barn) raising. It would be a good activity for the guys who may not be as interested in the tea party :)

Andrea K. H. Agüin said...

I think maybe I'll make more lists. I actually got alot of stuff done. Green House is up, house is clean, seeds are halfway in thier trays...abunch of other random things too. ")