Saturday, February 18

Ladies Night

That moment when you've just had a totally epiphany of an experience and you just know that you need to sit down and write about it because it's all going to leave you soon and you need to capture it before it does. This is that moment. But even as I sit ready to write, a lot of the theories and ah ha! moments that I want to remember have already left; others I won't be able to sort through in the fog.

Tonight I know that I am part of a group of extraordinary women. I don't know what links us. Is it genetics? Is it a deviant gene that says that we are strong willed and independant? Or is in a gradual cultural shift that we are all a part of because we were born in a certain decade, in the same region. I don't know. We have some common genetics to be sure, some of us. But mostly, it's just great the way we feed off of each others honest energy and the desire to connect. Because we do. Some of us more strongly than others. And some of us because we have more...practice. Either way, I just Love them. And tonight I feel like I'm extremely lucky to have them and be a part of them. In a way, it's sad that we had to wait till we're all grown adult women to come to know each other. But then maybe if we had known each other before we wouldn't be getting to know each other now.

Anyway, that's nothing of what I thought I needed to say. There was something else about how I feel energized that there are other honest women and I actually know them. Something about how I feel validated in my thoughts and conclusions and even in my rambling in a focused conversation.So even though these are just a bunch of words and I havn't really said anything. It's good enough for tonight. 

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