Monday, March 19

It's a Love Thing

Writing about life takes courage. For me it's a rite of passage. Something I have to do before I can move on to the next phase. I may move forward but there will always be a wall until I find the courage to write about it. And it isn't courage alone, some things have to be dealt with, consciously or not.  You can write about it as many times as you want until one conclusion is met or another reinvented of the same series of events. You learn something new about yourself every time, it can get you through the experience, break it down into terms you can wrap your brain around.  But I can not begin to put all the pieces together until I put some connecting piece down in honest words. Some events are so impacting that though I may not think about it regularly or ever, it is always in my subconscious effecting the way I perceive other things. Later it will turn up and I'll remember all of the details, all of the moments as if no time has passed. I look at them with new eyes and a fresh perspective.

For a long time I was stuck in a rut because my writing revolved around one particular person. A long lost love that shared my need for words. I was unable to move forward with something infinitely more important simply because I couldn't write it all out. I hadn't figured out how. Recently though, I've found the courage to push forward through that blockage. I've started a new project and thus a new blog. One that will only deal with this all engulfing subject. The subject of my life with my husband.

Today marks the ninth year of our togetherness. The day when we were married in an urban court room by a reluctant judge.

A few weeks ago something happened to me. I suddenly decided that it all had to be written down and those new eyes looking through the window of my memory were able to start recalling the details and put it all on pages. I've given those pages to him. But little by little, as I work out the details, I'll post them to their new home on my other blog.

It has been a refreshing experience to reconsider our beginnings and the journey we started together. He hasn't known what all my giggles have been about from behind my screen as I've remembered giddy details; but I hope he's felt an out pour of love as it has been renewed from my place in it all.

Without further delay and rambling I give you Amor a la Pampeña

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