Monday, July 19

What I Love About Summer...

I am going to try this again, for the second time in the same week. Thus, we're doing well with this whole "believing a word we say may have any relevance" thing. But really I just Love a lot of things about Life right now, as it is summer, and I have two very creative and refreshing personalities for children. It also helps that I finally figured out how to post photos. Warning, if you don't feel comfortable with nudity, refrain from moving forward with the post. You may be alarmed at the amount of 100% breastfed flesh on this baby.

What I'm Growing: 


In the summer heat our chacha can't deny her thirst for...
pool water. Oh, and the tutu I'm a sucker for a anyone in a tutu.

Nano demonstrates the dangers of growing faster than Mama can calculate the effects of crawling. 
Movement + Gravity = Nasty Bruise. 
Am I the only person who has a love/hate relationship with those serendipidous accidents? Luckily this one didn't leave a scar.

This just makes me feel LOVED.
is a really good KISSER.

And a really good CLIMBER too.

And Vegetables

This is our heirloom zapallito. I can't believe how this has produced! Thanks to Liz for the seedlings from last years fruit. Product of Uruguay.

Summer is not summer without
fresh Basil

And this is just the beginning! Happy Growing!


lizroxy said...
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Dede said...

so what is zapallito, anyway?

Beautiful pictures of your family.