Monday, August 1

Here Comes the Sun: Part 1 of Unknown #

In a way I wish I could write the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth today about my vantage point. But there is a part of my brain that doesn't allow me through that door, those details are still being processed in another chamber of my small mind. But also, there is the fact that I am only a partial witness. No one person can know the whole truth and no one has a monopoly on the love of a soul who knew innately how to Love so many. I only know my small part and I still discover what that is as I pass new landmarks of feeling the lack of him; a person that I mention in conversation sometimes as if it were a natural part of my lexicon. The truth is that I speak not his name lightly and usually only when I am either in the company of some very trusted or those who know almost nothing of his life or his death. But today, I write not because I have anything important to say, but because there are things that need to be said again and again and to new ears. I write because Tomorrow was the day he decided to leave for the hundredth time. Tomorrow, 5 years ago, was the day he finally succeeded in leaving. 
Of all the things we have of him that should be told to our children and all who should have known him and who he should have known, his name is only the most basic. 
Let them say it in Reverance or in Jest, only let them say it. Mark.

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